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Sustainable development awards

The sustainable development unit is recognised across the UK for its leadership in sustainable development. Its approach to integrating sustainable development thinking and practices throughout the organisation has resulted in a number of accolades.

The Cynnal Cymru Sustain Wales Awards 2015

Cynnal Cymru Sustain WalesWinner of the most Sustainable Public Sector Award

This award recognised the policy framework and business planning support which enables our teams across the council to deliver sustainable development. The 'Wild Flower Scheme' and 'Beyond Bricks and Mortar' social benefit clause initiatives were amongst the many projects highlighting how a sustainable development approach adds social, economic and environmental value.

Public Sector Sustainability Awards UK 2015

PSS awardsWinner of the Most Sustainable Public Sector Platinum Award Winner

The City and County of Swansea was awarded the Public Sector Sustainability Platinum Award for the most Sustainable UK Public Sector organisation. This was in addition to winning the most Sustainable Local Authority award and the Best Refurbishment award and winning runner up awards in the Innovation, Waste and Recycling categories. This award recognised sustainable development practices demonstrated across the council from the use of integrated approaches such as the Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team to community action and involvement exemplified by Friends of Parks groups.

WLGA Wales's Model Local Authority for the Sustainable Development Framework

In 2011, the City and County of Swansea's track record in sustainability resulted in a successful bid to act as the WLGA Sustainable Development Framework's model local authority for Wales. This status and resultant work with private sector consultants further accelerated the council's progression towards embedding sustainable development as a central organising principle.

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