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Student exemption/discount on Council Tax

Full time students will either be fully exempt from Council Tax or may be eligible for a discount.

I am a studentDo I pay Council Tax?
Living full time in halls of residenceNo
Living full time off campus and sharing with people who are all studentsNo
Living full time off campus and sharing with some students and some non-studentsIf there is only one non-student, the household can apply for a discount.
If there is more than one non-student (aged 18+) in the property, no discount can be awarded.
A part time studentYes, part-time students have to pay Council Tax

If you attend one of the following universities we will be sent a list of students each academic year:

  • Swansea University
  • University of Wales, Trinity St David (formerly Swansea Metropolitan University)

If you attend another educational establishment, we will need to see a copy of your Council Tax student certificate. You can get a copy from the administration office at your establishment.

Apply for student discount/exemption


Student FAQs

Am I a full time student?

In general, to be classed as a full-time student the course attended must:

  • Last at least one year
  • Involve at least 21 hours study per week

If you study for a qualification up to A-level and you're under 20, your course must:

  • Last at least three months
  • Involve at least 12 hours study per week.

This can include NVQs.

I am an overseas student

If you are an overseas student you may still be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax.

It is very important that you tell the council that you are a student and that proof of this is provided such as a copy of your student certificate.

You can bring a copy of your certificate to us in the Civic Centre.

If you have a non-British partner the exemption will cover you both providing your passports are produced showing the endorsement "No recourse to public funds".

Please bring (do not post) you passport to us in the Civic Centre so we can look at it.

Please remember if you do not contact us you may receive a Council Tax bill for the full amount.

How much is my share of the Council Tax?

If there is any Council Tax to pay after the appropriate reductions have been allowed, all the people named on the bill that are liable to pay it. It is up to individuals and joint tenants/owners how they decide to share out this bill.

If there is any Council Tax left unpaid, all the people named on the bill will be jointly held liable to pay this debt even if they have already paid what they consider to be their share.

What if I start renting before my course starts?

It is common for students to reserve a property before the course commences. Let us know that you are a student and where you are studying. Also that you have only taken the property on so that you can study in Swansea.

If your tenancy commences a little earlier than your course then any exemption or discount granted should be backdated to the start of your tenancy once we have seen the necessary proof of your status as a student.

Please remember if you do not contact us you will receive a Council Tax bill for the full amount.

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