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The One Swansea Strategic Needs Assessment 2015

The Needs Assessment provides the evidence base for Swansea's Single Integrated Plan - the One Swansea Plan.

Welsh Government guidance on integrating Partnerships and Plans ('Shared Purpose: Shared Delivery', 2012) sets out how single integrated plans should be underpinned by a single needs assessment - an analysis of "key issues, trends and local patterns of need, based on a comprehensive and contemporary needs analysis".

Responsibility for the One Swansea Plan and the Needs Assessment currently lies with Swansea's Local Service Board (LSB). The PDF Document 2015 assessment (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window has been compiled by the LSB Research Group and was endorsed by the LSB in January 2016. The Needs Assessment includes an overall profile of Swansea, from which ten key trends have been drawn out, and six sections covering each of the identified population outcomes. These outcomes, which are considered to represent the ideal conditions for the people of Swansea, are:

  • Children have a good start in life
  • People learn successfully
  • Young people and adults have good jobs
  • People have a decent standard of living
  • People are healthy, safe and independent
  • People have good places to live and work.

A major change introduced in this assessment is the inclusion of the driver diagrams recently developed for each of the six population outcomes.  The driver diagrams are intended to show the factors that most contribute to the outcomes, and to illustrate how these issues link together. To help track progress, indicators are also an important part of the driver diagrams.

For this assessment, a limited number of key population indicators have been identified - there are 20 in all. The needs assessment provides analysis of the story behind each of these indicators including how Swansea looks in context with other areas, patterns of inequality, the expected trend and potential future risks. The data and analysis associated with these indicators, reflecting the position as at December 2015, forms the basis of this needs assessment.

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and subsequent guidance sets out the process towards the establishment of Public Services Boards in Wales and the future requirement to prepare local assessments of well-being.  In the meantime, this Strategic Needs Assessment document will continue to provide a useful resource for the LSB and its partner organisations, and for other users.

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