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Storing commercial waste

Find out about storing your waste using our wheeled bins and waste sacks.

How you can help us and comply with your duty of care. You must store waste correctly. To do this:

  • put all waste/recycling, in the right container give to you for example in bins or bags
  • close the bin lid and do not leave waste at the side or on the top of the bin
  • present cardboard flat packed or stacked within a larger box
  • do not leave extra waste, including cardboard on the street outside of collection day and time
  • don't put broken glass or sharp objects in the sacks
  • do not fill your bin too full or leave any extra waste next to or on top of your bin
  • do not put out more waste than the amount in your agreement. If you do, you are putting out waste that you have not paid for and it will not be collected
  • if we miss a collection or there is a problem let us know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to collect it
  • only put waste/recycling on the street at the time set out in your agreement. If your business is in an area where there are timed waste collection areas you must also follow this scheme

How many containers do I need?

You need to make sure that your container is large enough for all the waste you produce. If you have extra waste we will not collect it unless prior agreed. If your waste varies week by week you need to make sure that your container is large enough to take the most waste you might produce. If you don't have room for a bin you might need a different type of container, for example the equivalent number of bags in lieu of a bin. We calculate a 360l bin holds approximately 5 standard 70l bags and an 1100l bin holds approximately 15 bags.

Wheeled bins for businesses

We can provide wheeled bins to store your business waste between collections. They come in a range of sizes to suit your business's requirements.

Commercial waste sacks

You may decide, or be required, to use waste sacks to store and dispose of your businesses waste rather than wheeled bins.