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Coronavirus staff update - 4 June 2020 - continuing to work safely

Reminder about continuing to work safely.

As more services begin to reopen, and limited numbers of staff start to return to our buildings it is vital that we maintain focus on some key points to keep ourselves and others safe and prevent the spread of the virus wherever possible.

We must continue to maintain social distancing, good hygiene and follow the risk assessment control measures in-place. We should only conduct face to face visits and meetings where there is no alternative and arrangements are in-place to socially distance to protect people.

We should also:

  • Only travel when absolutely necessary, preferably by walking or cycling, if car journeys are required staff should travel individually in personal or pool vehicles. if that is not possible staff must distance themselves by sitting in the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • In our frontline services, social distancing needs to be maintained, hygiene regimes and the correct use of PPE where issued is mandatory. Staff should ensure they're aware of the risk assessments for their role and follow the control measures put in-place to protect each other and the public. If you have concerns please speak to your supervisor, manager or trade union.
  • Staff must not gather in numbers in kitchens, mess rooms or offices and must ensure social distancing at all times, this includes at work stations which facilities management have reduced and placed crosses on the screens that are not to be used to help maintain distancing.
  • If your service area is operating a rota to limit the number of staff in the building, you must not attend if it is not part of the rota that day without first clearing the reason with your manager to allow adjustments to be made.
  • We appreciate the pressures for staff working through this time of crisis and we're here to support you, but if you need help speak to your manager as your physical and mental wellbeing are vitally important to us all.
  • Where face to face meetings are absolutely necessary and social distancing is applied, staff must not shake hands with participants.
  • Good hygiene is the greatest protection, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds when you enter or leave the buildings, or arrive onsite. If this is not possible please ensure you sanitise with 70% alcohol based sanitiser, and clean down work stations and equipment after use.

We're doing all we can to keep people safe and deliver vital services to the community, but we need you to work with us to protect each other and our families #hereforswansea

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