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Coronavirus staff updates - 20 May 2020 - cloud storage

Being able to store and access data in the cloud is still a priority for us and will increase digital resilience and enhance agile working, especially during this period.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we had already asked you to sort your personal files and to transfer them to OneDrive cloud-based storage, and subsequently stop using your H drive for saving documents. Certain teams had also been approached by Digital Services to start sorting and moving shared folders in their teams to SharePoint.

Eventually, as we move into a recovery phase and settle in to a new 'normal' the migration of services to the cloud is going to increase rapidly and therefore we all need to be sure we are ready for this transition. This process takes time, planning and resources. Some teams who have already gone through the process have stated that the most time-consuming activity was data cleansing.

We are asking teams to identify a 'data cleansing group' to work through shared files and folders in readiness for migration to SharePoint which will be scheduled by Digital Services with all service areas at a future date.

Personal folders - H drive moving to OneDrive

If you have already sorted and moved your files to OneDrive and now use this to store all your personal files then you don't need to do anything further.

If you have not yet sorted or moved your files to OneDrive, please make sure you sort/data cleanse as soon as possible. DO NOT move any folders - due to the number of staff working from home we do not want any more pressure put on the network.

Team folders - shared folders moving to SharePoint

Arrange within your team for these folders to be cleansed and sorted. Shared drives tend to accumulate a huge amount of data over the years, and not all of this is needed going forward. Currently on shared drives there is a vast amount of data which is duplicated / redundant / out of date / passed retention periods etc. This is an opportunity to remove and delete any such files and folders, and review current file structures to introduce new, possibly more logical files structures.

Once you have completed this task we will schedule migration to your SharePoint site at a time to suit your team (within the next 12-18 months), please DO NOT attempt this migration yourselves.

More information

Please contact Katie Kinevane or Andrew Calow using Teams for any assistance or to talk through the process, including if you want to know the amount of data on your shared drives, its age/last modified date etc.

We realise that time is a precious resource and we are experiencing some unprecedented circumstances right now but it could also provide an opportunity to complete the above exercises as more people work from home.

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