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Consultation on New Supplementary Planning Guidance

The Council would like your views on the following three new SPG's.   The draft SPG documents and consultation forms are available at the links below.

The consultation on all three documents will run until 5pm Friday 16th October 2020.

Supplementary planning guidance (SPG)

View our most recently adopted SPG.

The following documents have been adopted by the Council in support of  development plan policies:

PDF Document Houses in Multiple Occupation and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window - This document provides guidance to augment Policies H9 and H11 of the LDP, and provide clarity on the interpretation of those policies, in order to inform decision making on HMOs and PBSA proposals. A copy of the public consultation report setting out the process followed leading up to adoption of the final version of the SPG can be downloaded PDF Document here (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window.  

Shop front design guide  - This guidance has been prepared in order to set out the framework of design considerations in relation to changes to shop fronts as well as other commercial frontages such as banks, bars, coffee shops, restaurants etc within Swansea.

Places To Live - Residential Design Guide - This guidance has been prepared in order to set out the framework of design considerations in relation to new residential development within Swansea.

Infill and Backland Design Guide - This guidance has been prepared in order to set out the framework of design considerations in relation to new residential infill and backland development.

Gower AONB design guide - The Gower AONB Design Guide helps property owners, developers and planners ensure that development respects the distinctive character of both the natural and built environment of Gower. The Guide provides a practical design tool to be used by all involved in the design and development process, whether planning permission is required or not.

Planning for Community Safety - This guidance has been prepared in partnership with South Wales Police to give guidance to all those involved in the built environment on the key issues to be considered in creating a safe environment where people can experience the best possible quality of life.

Planning Obligations - This guidance has been prepared in order to set out how the Council will use obligations to ensure that, where necessary, the impact of development is mitigated by appropriate improvements to local infrastructure, facilities or services.  A  user guide has also been produced.

District Centres, Local Centres and Community Facilities  - This provides guidance for developers submitting planning applications within District and Local Centres, and provides a policy framework to consider proposals affecting important community facilities within the County.

Lighting Scheme Guidance for Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  - This provides general advice on the use of outdoor lighting in the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Design Guide for Household Development  - This is a guide to help householders and their representatives when preparing planning applications for extensions or alterations to existing properties.

PDF Document Swansea Central Area Regeneration Framework [SCARF] (PDF, 49MB)Opens new window - This comprehensive framework sets out guidance to facilitate and support development, transport, infrastructure and environmental enhancements within the Swansea Central Area.

The Conversion of Rural Buildings - This guidance provides supporting information and advice on the implementation of the Council's adopted Unitary Development Plan policies relating to the conversion of rural buildings.

Tall Buildings Strategy  - This guidance identifies appropriate places where tall buildings may be located.

Swansea Bay Strategy  - This guidance sets out the Council's vision for Swansea Bay, City Waterfront, St Helen's, Sketty Lane, Blackpill, Mumbles and Mumbles Pier..

Car Parking Standards - The aim of the guidance is to ensure that parking provision for new development meets regional standards. 

The Protection of Trees on Development Sites  - This guidance sets out the steps that need to be considered at the Planning and Design Stages and during Construction to ensure that significant existing and proposed trees are kept healthy and become an asset to a new development.

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