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Special waste and bulk item collections

A special collection can be a single item, 1/2 load or full load for items not considered general waste and is only provided to business customers who have a current waste contract with the council.

A commercial officer will visit the premises to assess the amount and type of waste you have for disposal or alternatively please provide photos and dimensions of items for disposal. We will then be able to provide a price for collection. This will be based on the time it will take, the size of vehicle we will require, the items for collection  and the disposal costs we will incur. We will book in a collection on receipt of an email request agreeing to the price provided and the business will be invoiced for this service.

Suitable for:

  • one off collections of items too large to fit in bin
  • furniture
  • fridges / freezers (these are charged at an individual cost dependent on size)
  • computer equipment (TV and monitors incur an individual cost)

To ensure your items are collected you must: 

  • only put out the items you described when booking your collection
  • put the items out for collection on the kerbside between 7.00pm the evening before your collection and 7.00am on the morning of your collection day
  • keep items dry and don't leave them outside for a long time in all weathers. If you are leaving out an item that could absorb water (for example mattress or settee) then please cover them. Wet items may be too heavy to lift and may not be collected.

We will NOT collect:

  • items which are too heavy to lift safely by the collection crew
  • items from inside the property unless otherwise agreed
  • hazardous waste for example asbestos, car batteries, paint florescent tubes etc
  • items containing glass or mirrors
  • external doors
  • fixtures such as radiators or bathroom suites
  • boilers, gas bottles or oil tanks.
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