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Council Tax Single Person Discount

Are you entitled to Single Person Discount?

A full Council Tax bill assumes there are at least 2 adults (people over 18 years old) living in your home.

You'll get a 25% discount off your bill if you count as an adult for Council Tax and live on your own.

Apply for single person discount

You could also get a discount if you live with people who are not counted as adults for Council Tax purposes and are disregarded.

Disregarded people include those who are:

  • Students
  • Under 18 years old
  • In prison or held somewhere else by the authorities
  • Severely mentally impaired
  • Someone for whom child benefit is still payable / school leavers
  • Apprentices or youth training trainees
  • A hospital patient
  • Patients in a care or nursing home
  • A carer
  • Residents of a night shelter/hostel
  • Members of a religious community
  • Linked to visiting forces or international headquarters
  • The spouse or dependant of a student who is not a British citizen where that spouse/dependant  is prevented by the terms under which they entered the UK from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

If you have other people living with you and you think they could be disregarded, please contact us and we can see if you would be entitled to a discount.

We may ask for evidence that someone falls into one of these groups unless we can obtain proof from another source.

Claiming Council Tax Single Person Discount

Let us know if you live alone and want to apply for Single Person Discount

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