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Fees for street naming and numbering

In line with other councils in the UK, we charge for property naming and numbering services, liaison with Royal Mail on the allocation of postcodes, provision of numbered layout plans and notification of new address information to statutory bodies and organisations.

The following charges currently apply: 

  • Confirmation of address (solicitor letters): £50.00
  • Confirmation of addresses (large sites): £50.00 + £1.00 per each address required
  • Change of house name: £50.00
  • Naming and numbering property conversions: £110.00 + £40.00 per each additional address required
  • Naming or numbering of one new property: £110.00
  • Naming and numbering a new development (2 or more new properties): £110.00 for first plot + £40.00 per each additional plot 
  • Renumbering development (after notification): £40.00 per each plot affected
  • Street renaming at residents request: £110.00 + £40.00 per property plus legal and replacement street nameplate costs  

Fees quoted above apply to all applications made from 1 April 2018. 

The scale of fees quoted above is also available to view or download from this page.  Please note that applications and payments must include the correct fee payable. Incorrect applications and payments will be returned. Applications will not be processed until correct fees are received.

For further information or assistance please contact us on 01792 637127 or email

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