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Smoke free spaces

Smoke free beach

Smoke free beaches

We want everyone to enjoy our beaches and stopping smoking on the beach is one way you can help make it more fun for other users.

Smoke free car

Smoke free cars

It is an offence to smoke in a private vehicle when a person under the age of 18 is present.

Smoke free home

Smoke free home

Smoke free homes has been set up to support parents and caregivers across the area to provide a smoke-free environment for their children. The first step is creating a smoke free home.

Smoke free playground

Smoke free playgrounds

Children's play areas in parks across Swansea have been declared smoke free in an effort to protect the children who play there.

Smoke free school gates

Smoke free school gates

We are asking people not to smoke at school gates as part of the smoke free spaces campaign across Swansea.

Tell us about smoke free spaces

If you have visited one of our smoke free spaces and have a comment or complaint please complete this form.

Smoke free spaces in Swansea

Find out where the smoke free spaces in Swansea are on our map.

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