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Smoke free cars

It is an offence to smoke in a private vehicle when a person under the age of 18 is present.

Smoke free car

You are breaking the law if you are the person smoking or if you are the driver and fail to stop someone smoking if there are children and young people under 18 in the car. The law applies to every driver in England and Wales including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence.

The law applies even if the windows or sunroof are open, if the air conditioning is on or if they are sitting in an open doorway of the car. It does not apply if the roof is fully down on a convertible car.

If you are caught breaking this law then the driver and smoker could be fined £50 each.


If you want help to stop smoking then contact contact Stop Smoking WalesOpens new window on 0800 085 2219.

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