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Apply for single person discount for Council Tax

If you are over 18 and the only person living at the property you can apply for a 25% discount on your bill.

A full Council Tax bill assumes there are at least 2 adults (people over 18 years old) living in your home. You could also get a discount if you live with people who are not counted as adults for Council Tax purposes and are disregarded.

If this is a new request to apply for single person discount, please complete the form below.

Single person discount review - If your single person discount has been cancelled as you failed to return a recent review form or information from June 2023, you must re-apply for this discount through the below link. Failure to reapply for this discount through this link in these circumstances, will result in a delay in processing the information.
Click here to reapply for single person discount if this has recently been cancelled due to you not returning a review form