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Share with care on our shared use paths

Please be mindful of others using shared use paths so everyone can enjoy them safely.

Share with care on path.

What is a shared use path (SUP)?

An SUP is designed for all types of users including cyclists, pedestrians, people with mobility aids and in some cases horse riders. SUPs in Swansea are off-road, safe from motor traffic and can be used as safe routes to work or education and healthier ways for people to get around their area on foot or by cycle. They can be for all users to use at once, or there may be space given to different path users. For example, if you come across SUPs with a dividing white line splitting the cycle and pedestrian space, please keep to the correct side.

Our aim is to encourage more people to get around by walking and cycling, so we want everyone to feel safe and confident in using active travel routes. The Highway Code states there is a clear 'hierarchy' of users, starting with the most vulnerable road users (pedestrians), which means for example, that cyclists must take care when passing pedestrians, particularly children, older adults or people with disabilities.

We promote 'share with care' and have added messaging to routes around the city to encourage people to use paths in a way which is safe for everyone. Please 'share with care' if you're heading out on one of our city's growing network of shared paths.

All users 

  • Try to keep to the left when there's no markings to say otherwise.
  • If there are markings, try to stay on your side.
  • Take all litter home with you and clean up after your dog.
  • Use shared paths safely and be considerate to other users.
  • If you are listening to headphones, please take extra care of your surroundings and safety.

Walkers and runners 

  • If the shared path is busy, avoid being in large groups if you can.
  • If you're taking a dog for a walk on a shared path please keep them under control. Don't trail a lead across the path, causing an obstruction.
  • If another path user stops or waits for you to pass, thank them as this encourages everybody to share the space better.
  • If you have children with you, help them to give space safely when cyclists or horses are passing.
  • Listen out for cyclists' bells and keep left to allow them to pass.
  • Take care around horse riders, leave them plenty of room especially when approaching from behind.


  • Please keep your speed down and give way to other users.
  • Use a bell or call out when approaching others from behind.
  • Remember that some people might not hear you because they have hearing issues or might be wearing headphones.
  • Take particular care where a path is narrow and wait for space to overtake safely.
  • Groups of cyclists should ride in single file when approaching pedestrians on a shared pathway.

Horse riders

Please keep to a walking pace when passing other users and no more than a trot at other times.

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