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Information about seagulls and how to avoid attracting them to streets and gardens.

Please note that it is illegal to intentionally kill any bird, damage, destroy an active nest or its contents (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). 

Herring gull is the species most commonly to be found in coastal locations.  They naturally feed on fish, insects, smaller sea birds and even the eggs and young of other gulls.  Bread is unnatural and harmful to them and their young (like all birds), and the advice would be to refrain from providing bread as a source of food.

In recent years increasing numbers have come inland because of the availability of waste food from human sources. The council provides a weekly kerbside food collection service. Use this for your food waste and do not put food waste in black bags.

Please also ensure all other refuse is disposed of in line with your area's rubbish and recycling collection schedule

If you wish to feed birds in your garden, the RSPB website provides useful advice.

If you are experiencing issues with seagulls in your area, then the RSPB website has information about how to help keep them away

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