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Scam alerts and reports

If you've seen a scam recently then you can report it to us using our online form. You can also view the latest scam alerts.

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Report a possible scam
We will always put out alerts if we are told about new scams so others can protect themselves. Please remember that new scams appear often so just because you haven't seen an alert it doesn't mean it's not a scam.

We can offer advice if you think you have been scammed but we won't be able to get any money or goods back for you. 

We will post scam alerts on this page and our Swansea Trading Standards Facebook pageOpens new window.

Vaccine scam example

Vaccine fraud: be alert

Criminals are using the COVID-19 vaccine as a way to target the public by tricking them to hand over cash or financial details. They are sending convincing looking text messages letting people know they are eligible for the vaccine or phoning people directly pretending to be from the NHS, or local pharmacy.

Christmas scams - woman on a laptop

The 12 scams of Christmas

Get the warning bells ringing! Don't let criminals ruin the festive spirit.

Report a possible scam

If you think you have been the victim of a scam please report it to us using the form. This form can be used by Swansea residents and people outside Swansea who believe the scam took place in our area.

Coronavirus scams

Details of scams around the Covid-19 outbreak. There are number of scams to be aware of. We will keep this page up to date as we are notified of new scams.

Council tax reduction scam

Beware of an email scam that says you can apply for council tax reduction. It will then ask for your bank details which could lead to you being defrauded out of money.

Warning to local residents - Rogue traders operating in Swansea

May 2020: Swansea Trading Standards have issued a warning about a rogue trader that is known to be operating now in a number of areas of Swansea.

Bank card scam

Please beware of this latest scam.

Thomas Cook refund scam

Be aware of scam telephone calls making out to be 'Thomas Cook refund agents' who will be refunding the cost of holidays.

Important information concerning D4 Medical Examination Reports for Group 2 (Lorry or Bus Licence)

If you have been affected by issues concerning a declined application by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for a D4 Medical Examination report for Group 2 (Lorry or Bus Licence) which you have obtained through a commercial business 'Doctors on Wheels Ltd' of 46-50 Great Central Street, Leicester LE1 4NF please follow the guidance below.

Potential Council Tax scams

Swansea residents have reported receiving phone calls and visits to their homes from scammers saying they are eligible for a Council Tax refund or a reduction in their Council Tax band.

Telephone Scam - Court Case

Please be aware that we are having a number of reports today of residents in the Swansea area receiving a phone call with a recorded message informing them that they have a pending Court Case and should press 1 to be put through to an adviser to discuss the case.

DVLA vehicle tax refund scam

Emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from DVLA are often reported to us. Various scams have been ongoing for over 3 years. They include texts claiming payment has not been made on vehicle tax or a refund on over payment is waiting. The scams are designed to trick you into sending your bank details or payment to the scammers.

Warning issued to people renovating properties

South Wales Police is warning the public that burglars are targeting houses undergoing renovations, amidst a new target for burglars scoping unoccupied properties.

Fraudster's cold calling with regards to PPI claims

Information received from National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

Fake BT rebate scam

Residents in the Swansea area are having phone calls implying they are from BT, informing them that they are due a rebate. The reasons being given are either an overpayment to your account or because of problems you have had with your internet.

iTunes Gift Card Scams

Residents in Swansea are once again being contacted by scammers with scams involving iTunes cards.

Sky TV Scam calls

Beware of phone calls making out to be from 'Sky' informing you that you are in debit on you bill and need to pay the balance, they will ask for your Card details so the payment can be made.

Beware of Charitable Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has gathered information identifying an emerging fraud whereby social media platforms are being used to attract members of the public to donate money to animal welfare charities overseas that do not exist.

Utility bill ransomware alert

Fake British Gas bills have been emailed to customers that on opening contain ransomware.

Student grants phishing scam

This scam is targeting students with an email claiming they are eligible for a grant.

Renewing sky subscriptions

We are getting reports that people are receiving calls making out to be from Sky TV. They are then asking for bank details to 'renew your subscription'. This is a scam.

Talk Talk

Remember the Microsoft scam? Well now Talk Talk customers are being targeted in a similar way.

Scam phone calls from callers posing as Swansea Council officers.

Once again residents in Swansea are being urged to be on their guard following a series of scam phone calls from callers posing as Swansea Council officers.

Music and sports fans at risk of huge rise in online ticket fraud, warn councils

People desperate to attend major pop concerts, music festivals and sporting events this summer face a greater risk of falling victim to criminals after online ticket fraud soared by 55 percent.

Wine investment fraud

A new trend is targeting members of the public who are seeking to sell their wine investment. Fraudsters agree to purchase the victims wine, but instead transfer the stock into their own account without paying the victim.

Injury claims scam callers pretend to be from council

Residents in neighbouring Carmarthenshire have been receiving phone calls claiming to be from the council and encouraging people to make a personal injury claim.

More than 5000 people were conned into sending money into scammers bank accounts last year

The BBC recently reported on a scam that saw over 5000 people lose money last year. Victims received emails pretending to be from businesses asking for payment for a service they had had. Instead of paying the business the money was actually going into criminals' bank accounts.

Cold callers asking about a recent accident

We have received numerous calls from residents who have been contacted by a telephone cold caller asking for information about a recent accident

Pensioners warned about over 75s TV licence scam

Swansea Council has teamed up with a local charity to warn pensioners about a TV licence scam.

Fake 'Microsoft' fix scam

Ever had a phone call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft offering to 'fix' your computer? This scam is still happening and can cost the victim a couple of hundred pounds and lead to their computer files being damaged or deleted.

Supermarket voucher scams target social media users

Trading standards in Swansea are urging residents not to be fooled into signing up to fake supermarket voucher initiatives on social media.

Road traffic accident scam

A resident in Swansea has been contacted by a caller claiming to be from the road management unit and asked to pay over £3000 for a road traffic accident.

Internet firewall scam

A gentleman in the Swansea area has received a phone call making out to be from BT. The caller informed him that he had problems with his internet and BT would have to install firewalls.

Rugby World Cup fans urged to buy tickets from approved sellers

Rugby fans in Swansea planning to purchase World Cup tickets are being urged to check that they are buying from an official seller.

People's Postcode Lottery scam warning to Swansea residents

Residents in Swansea are being urged to use caution if they receive a letter claiming they have won a prize from the People's Postcode Lottery.

Friend or foe? Over 200 reports of 'friendly' fraudster email scam in three days

Fraudsters are turning to kindness with new phishing emails which encourage the recipient to open an attachment on the false premise that they could have already fallen victim to scammers.

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