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Safeguarding and abuse

How schools, the police, social services, the health services and the public work together to keep children and adults at risk safe from the risk of neglect or abuse.

Safeguarding adults

Safeguarding adults is a term used to explain how agencies (such as the police, social services and the health services ) as well as the general public work together to keep safe those adults who are at risk of neglect or abuse.

Safeguarding children - concerned about a child or young person?

Making sure that children are safe and protected is everyone's responsibility. This is also known as safeguarding children.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse occurs when an individual suffers physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse by a current partner, previous partner, or an adult family member.

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation is Child Abuse

Child Practice Reviews

Multi-agency child practice reviews are undertaken when there is a 'significant incident' where abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected.

Scams and fraud

Protect yourself and others against scams and fraud - this links to trading standards information.

It's time we talked about it

Stop It Now's child sexual abuse prevention campaign is currently running across Wales.

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