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Road safety for school children

We help educate children from a young age about road safety through our work with schools.

Pedestrian training - Kerbcraft

Kerbcraft is a child pedestrian training scheme for children aged 5-7 years old, delivered in and around schools.

It focusses on three modules:

  1. Crossing at a safer place
  2. Crossing between parked cars
  3. Crossing at junctions

Cycle training - National Standard Level 1, 2 and 3

Cycle training levels 1 and 2 are aimed at Year 6 pupils and prepares them to become independent road users:

  • level 1 takes place in an environment away from roads and traffic usually in the school playground
  • level 2 takes place on local roads giving pupils a real cycling experience

Cycle training level 3 is available to pupils in Year 9 and above including adults and focusses on using more challenging roads and layouts, for example traffic signals and roundabouts:

School crossing patrols

Our patrols help safer crossing to and from school for children and adults. By law they have the power to stop traffic to help anyone cross the road. Most of our patrols are on busy stretches of road where children cross to reach their school. They are manned every day during term time.

Even where a school crossing patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children's safety.

If you fail to stop then you will be reported to the police. Your possible penalties include a fine up to £1,000, three penalty points or disqualification.

Our school crossing patrol service is supported by the Admiral Group

Frequently asked questions about school crossing patrols

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about school crossing patrols.
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