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Reusable pink bags

We are changing the way we collect plastics at the kerbside. Over the next few months, all properties in Swansea will be provided with a reusable pink bag for plastic collections.

As soon as you receive the new reusable bags please start using them straight away. 

It is important that you ONLY use the new reusable bag from this point forward. Materials left out for collection in the old single use sacks, either separately or within the new bag will not be collected. Materials placed within carrier bags within the new bag will also not be collected.

Reusable pink bag (yes/no)

Why are you making changes?
Collecting plastics in this way is more sustainable and will lead to an increase in quality which will allow more of the material to be recycled in the UK. The recycling companies no longer want plastic contained in bags as it is more difficult to separate for recycling.

How will I ensure I get my bags back after collection?
Write your house number or name in large text on the blank sides of the bags so that the crews know where to return them to. The bags are weighted which will reduce the chances of them blowing away.

How do I use the service?
Collect and store your plastics in the reusable bag and place out for kerbside collection on the pink collection day, as you would normally. Wash and squash your plastics to make room and close the flap on top.

How many bags will I get?
In the areas where this scheme has already been operating we found that 90% of households only filled 1 bag every fortnight. The new bag holds a lot more than the pink plastic sack, and by removing soft plastic film and squashing packaging 1 bag will be enough for most households.
If after using the service for a few collections you still don't have enough space then you can request an additional bag, but we ask that you try it first to see.

When do I start using the service?
Please start using the new bags immediately. We will not collect plastics in single use bags in your area after this delivery.

What can I do with my remaining single use pink sacks?
You can use your remaining pink sacks as a liner for your black bags (only a liner - not on the outside of the black bag) or use it for whatever other use you see fit. You cannot use it instead of a black bag and cannot put rolls of pink bags in your reusable pink bag for disposal. Alternatively you can put the rolls of pink bags in your black bag or take them to Clyne or Llansamlet recycling centre for disposal.

PDF Document Reusable pink bag - full list of FAQs (PDF, 251KB)Opens new window

What to put in the bags

Yes please

You can put all the following items together in your pink bag:

  • Clean plastic food trays
  • Loose plastic bottle tops and caps
  • Plastic margarine/ice cream tubs
  • Plastic yoghurt pots
  •  Plastic bottles 
No thank you

Do not put any of the following items in your pink bags:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cling film
  • Crisp packets and chocolate wrappers with metallised plastic (shiny) insides
  • Dirty items 
  • Electrical or electronic items
  • Film lids (such as from microwave meals)
  • Larger items (such as garden furniture)
  • Plastic bags and carrier bags
  • Polystyrene
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