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Report fraud

If you suspect a person or company is committing fraud against the council you can report it to use using our online form.

You can use this form to tell us about fraud relating to council housing tenancy fraud, council tax single person discount fraud, direct payments for care, grants, supplier and contract fraud as well as other fraud carried out against the council.

If you would like to report council tax reduction fraud or blue badge misuse you can do so on the Council Tax Reduction report forms and the Blue Badge misuse form. Housing Benefit fraud should reported using the report benefit form on Gov.ukOpens new window.

  1. Fields marked * are required
  2. This form should only be used to report a fraud that may be being carried out against the council.
  3. Details of suspect or organisation
    1. If you are reporting fraud carried out by an individual or an organisation, please provide their details in this section of the form.

      If there is more than one person involved, please fill in the details of the main suspect here. You can list any other people involved in the 'any other useful information' box at the end of this form.
    2. Is the person *
  4. Physical description
    1. It would be helpful to have a description of the person. Please complete as much information as possible.
  5. Vehicle details
    1. If they use a vehicle it would be helpful to have a description. Please complete as much information as possible.
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