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Coroner - reportable deaths list

Reportable deaths guidelines.

From 1 October 2019 the Notification of Death Regulations 2019 came into effect, which replaces all previous locally-issued guidance. Please refer to the Chief Coroner Guidance No 31 Ministry of Justice guidance for registered medical practitioners and the regulations below.

A death should be reported to the Coroner when a doctor knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that the death:

  • Occurred as a result of poisoning, the use of a controlled drug, medicinal product, or toxic chemical;
  • Occurred as a result of trauma, violence, or physical injury, whether inflicted intentionally or otherwise;
  • Is related to any treatment or procedure of a medical or similar nature;
  • Occurred as a result of self-harm (including a failure by the deceased person to preserve their own life), whether intentional or otherwise;
  • Occurred as a result of an injury or disease received during, or attributable to, the course of the deceased person's work;
  • Occurred as a result of a notifiable accident, poisoning or disease;
  • Occurred as a result of neglect or failure of care by another person;
  • Was otherwise unnatural.

The Coroner must also be informed where:

  • The death occurred in custody or otherwise in state detention - of whatever cause;
  • There was no attending practitioner or no-one is available within a reasonable period to prepare an MCCD;
  • The identity of the deceased is unknown.
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Last modified on 30 July 2021