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Apply for a replacement concessionary bus card

If your bus pass is lost, stolen or damaged there is a £5.00 fee to pay before a new bus pass can be issued.

When we receive your payment we will send your new bus pass to you in the post within 5 to 7 working days.

Please note that a receipt for a replacement bus pass cannot be used as free travel whilst your new pass is being processed.

You can apply online and pay for the replacement form using the form below.

Please note we can only issue replacement concessionary bus passes if you were issued your original pass by the City and County of Swansea. If your pass was issued by another local authority you should contact them for a replacement.

  1. Fields marked * are required
  2. If you are having problems submitting this form or making the online payment you can telephone 01792 636377.
  3. Your details
    1. Label
  4. Please type the text displayed below in the box provided.*
  5. If you can’t read what’s displayed in the box, click the refresh button to the right of the box (arrows in a circle).
  6. When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system. Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment. If we don't receive your payment we won't be able to process your request.
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