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Religious marriages

A religious wedding can take place at a church, chapel or other registered religious building.

Church in Wales and Church of England weddings

If you want to marry in a Church of England or Church in Wales, you must see the vicar of the parish where you live.  If they are able to marry you, they will arrange for banns to be called.  The marriage will be registered by the vicar and there is usually no need to involve the local register office.

Other religious weddings

Other religious buildings you are able to marry in include, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and Unitarian churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship that are registered for marriage.

If your wedding is to be held in another religious building you must give notice in the same way as for marriage in a register office.  Usually you must live in the district where you plan to marry. 

A registrar from the district in which the building is situated must attend your ceremony unless the building has its own registrar (an Authorised person).  You should check this and confirm the availability of a registrar before you set a date.  There is a fee for the registrar to attend at a marriage.

Same sex couples may also have a religious marriage ceremony at a church or chapel which has been authorised for the purpose. Please contact us for more information.

Registration of civil partnerships in religious buildings

It is possible to register a civil partnership in a religious building which has been authorised for the purpose by the local authority. Please contact us for more information.

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