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If you would like a plot on a council-managed site please complete the application form and your contact details will be added to our waiting list.

You will be contacted when your name reaches the top of the list and a plot becomes available on the site you have indicated.

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    1. Allotment plots don't become available very often, so you may be interested in another type of growing opportunity.
  7. Garden Share
    1. Garden Share is a scheme that matches people wanting to grow fruit and vegetables but who don't have the space, with garden owners who have space in their gardens, which they make available for others to grow in.
    2. We are currently trying to establish interest and depending on the outcome of this exercise, a scheme may be developed in the future?
    3. Would you be interested in joining a Garden Share scheme? *
  8. Community garden/ growing space
    1. Community growing spaces are locally managed areas of land which are developed in response to interest from the community.
    2. They have a strong social focus and much of the gardening is communal with groups and individuals contributing to the cultivation of the site.
    3. Are you interested in developing a community growing space in your area? *
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