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Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020

Supporting businesses, farmers, the countryside, and communities in rural areas.

The programme is a 7 year European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) programme funded by the European Union and Welsh Government. The RDP can help rural Wales to:

  • Increase the productivity, diversity and efficiency of Welsh farming and forestry businesses, improving their competitiveness and resilience, reducing their reliance on subsidies.
  • Improve the Welsh environment, encouraging sustainable land management practices, the sustainable management of our natural resources and climate action in Wales.
  • Promote strong, sustainable rural economic growth in Wales and encourage greater community-led local development.

The Welsh Government provides up-to-date comprehensive information on the Rural Development Plan and all the various strands - Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020Opens new window
The Wales Rural NetworkOpens new window is a one-stop-shop for news, events and information about rural development, helping to make connections with other people, communities, organisations and businesses across rural Wales and beyond.


City and County of Swansea RDP

To support the implementation of the RDP within our rural wards, the Swansea RDP has set up a Local Action Group (LAG) made up of people from the third, public and private sectors. The LAG submitted its PDF Document Rural local development strategy 2014-2020 (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window to the Welsh Government and was successful in securing funding from the RDP LEADER programme, which they now manage.  

Swansea RDP's LAG has successfully refreshed its governing document the 'Local Delivery Strategy' (LDS) to incorporate a new approach to the way in which work is delivered in our rural communities. The LDS now incorporates One Planet principles to address climate change, by placing sustainability and community resilience as the fundamental element of our work.

This is the first time any local authority LAG has used the One Planet approach in Wales to affect strategy and grant making decisions. It is a new way of working and thinking, which will be required from those who wish to partner with Swansea RDP. It is in line with its acknowledgement of Swansea Council announcing a climate emergency and the urgent need for everyone to change tack away from 'business as usual' to a way of doing things to protect the lives of future generations.

Swansea RDP's vision is a 'One Planet' future for a rural Swansea which:

  • Increases community resilience and self-reliance by producing more of what it consumes;
  • Does this in a way that is less damaging to people's health and the environment;
  • Supports more abundant natural resources and biodiversity;
  • Encourages an end to needless waste;
  • Yields more local and meaningful jobs;
  • Gives greater protection from the possibility of disruption in the rest of the world in the environment, trade and the economy;
  • Reduces the area's ecological and carbon footprints

The 3 strategic aims covered in the LDS are:

Strategic aim 1: Increase wellbeing and ecosystem resilience through maintaining and adding value to natural and cultural resources

An example of the types of projects we would like to see are groups adopting and looking after local nature spaces, possibly piloting micro-enterprises to obtain materials from woodlands to turn into crafts, furniture, etc. As a result of one of our previously funded projects in Pennard now has its own plastic free community group and shop.

Strategic aim 2: Develop sustainable transport and energy initiatives that reduce emissions and mitigate climate change impacts

In response to energy initiatives, Swansea RDP have already funded a study which allowed Wales' first community solar farm to unlock large scale funds to supply local energy to 300 residents and businesses. We would like to encourage further projects that also address energy efficiency and renewable heat, as well as sustainable transport programmes, which lower Swansea's carbon emissions.

Strategic aim 3: Strengthen the self-sufficiency of the local economy and support active, resilient, and connected communities

This can be achieved with more local food that is sustainably produced; with shorter and circular supply chains between consumers, producers, and suppliers; by increasing resource efficiency - reducing, reusing, reimagining and recycling waste; and by growing the green economy through community initiatives and skills development.

An example of the work Swansea RDP has already provided is funding for two community supported agriculture schemes of which, one is considered Wales' largest CSA. As a partnership, we encourage applications that generate and compliment the supply of healthy local foods to shorten supply chains to businesses and consumers.

Become a RDP local action group member


Become a RDP local action group member

Would you like to be a part of creating a vibrant and resilient rural Swansea?

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