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Apply to purchase a spare place on a school transport contract bus online

If you would like to make a one-off payment for a spare seat please complete this form.

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    1. Before applying for a spare seat you should read the Terms and conditions of sale of spare seats on school buses information on this website.
  2. Pupil's details
    1. Label
    1. Label
  3. Declaration
    1. I hereby apply for the above named pupil to take up a spare place on the school transport contract bus serving the above named school.
    2. If a place is available, he/ she will get on in the mornings/ get off in the afternoons at:*
  4. Permit
  5. I accept that the vehicle my child will travel on may have a CCTV system in operation and that any footage recorded may be viewed and used as evidence of unacceptable behaviour. The CCTV footage is confidential and will only be viewed by designated persons that have been approved through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) process.
    1. If you provide your email address we will send you confirmation of your application.
  6. Please note that pupils will not be allowed to travel on any contract buses until they have received their bus passes.
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    2. When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system. Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment. If we don't receive your payment we won't be able to process your application.
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