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Fitness along the Prom

The fitness trail along Swansea Prom is an exercise circuit perfect for those who enjoy the fresh air, exercising outside or who may find the gym little too intimidating.

The equipment can be used for various exercises which can improve balance, strength and coordination and is free for all to use.

While most of us recognise the importance of exercise, all too few of us have the time to dedicate to it, which is why the outdoor fitness equipment is great for making a walk with the dog, or a run a little different while working out different areas of the body in the great outdoors.  It's also great to stop while out for a stroll or taking the dog for a walk.

The fitness trail is 4km / 2.5 miles long and runs from the civic centre down to Blackpill. You can start the trail in either direction and look out for these discs on the floor that help you understand how far you have walked, cycled or run.

Remember you don't have to complete it all in one go, start slow and build up your progress over a number of weeks.


Mini Ski 

  • Training activity: Mobility
  • Trains hips
  • Helps tone up areas around the waist, hips and thighs
  • Improves the general co-ordination of the body

Pull Down Challenger

  • Training activity: Strength
  • Trains arms and shoulders
  • Helps the development of upper body muscles; back, shoulders and biceps
  • Improves the flexibility and agility of joints


  • Training activity: Strength
  • Trains stomach and back
  • Helps the development of abdominal muscles and core stability

Health Walker 

  • Training activity: Mobility
  • Trains leg muscles
  • Provides excellent cardiovascular and flexibility benefits
  • Helps develop muscles in legs and improves co-ordination

Leg Stretch

  • Training activity: Stretch
  • Helps to develop balance and flexibility
  • Ideal to use before any serious exercise

Power Push 

  • Training activity: Strength
  • Trains arms and chest muscles
  • Helps the development of upper body muscles, chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Improves the flexibility and the agility of joints

Parallel Rails

  • Training activity: Strength
  • Trains biceps and triceps
  • Helps the development of upper body muscles; chest, shoulders, triceps
  • Improves the joints and body co-ordination

Push Hands 

  • Training activity: Mobility
  • Trains shoulders
  • Helps to develop co-ordination whilst improving the flexibility and agility of the joints

Handle Boat (Rowing machine) 

  • Training activity: Strength
  • Helps the development of back muscles, arms, legs, and abdomen
  • Improves flexibility and provides cardiovascular and toning benefits for all


  • This equipment is to be used at your own risk. The City and County of Swansea does not accept responsibility for any injuries caused whilst using the equipment
  • Do not use equipment if you think it is faulty or broken
  • Recommended to those over 14 years of age
  • You should obtain advice from your doctor before using this exercise equipment if you're not in good health, injured or pregnant
  • Only use if you are sure that you understand how to do so safely
  • Only use equipment for its intended use
  • The equipment should not be used by anyone under the influence of alcohol
  • Always use the equipment with respect and stop when you become tired

To report maintenance issues please phone 01792 280210.

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