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Primary school meals

Weekly menus at £2.40 per day.

At £2.40 a day we feel that our menu is value for money and provides a nourishing hot meal that has been designed with kids in mind. Feeding children good school food is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Did you know?

  • We freshly prepare all our meals daily - we do not use leftovers and we do not re-heat our meals.
  • All our meals comply with the Welsh Government nutritional standards.
  • Vegetables and salads are offered to every pupil, every day.
  • Over 80% of our vegetables, salad and fruit are sourced from the UK.
  • All our eggs are free range and BEIC Lion Quality.
  • Vegetarian and halal options are available daily. With GP referral, special diets can be made available.

Aid to learning

Recent research has shown that a good, healthy meal at lunchtime can help improve pupils attention and response during afternoon lessons.

A well balanced diet

We passionately believe that every child deserved a healthy, well balanced diet. A freshly prepared meal at school goes a long way to achieve this.

Experienced caterers

We are experienced caterers that pride ourselves in maintaining a skilled and caring workforce.

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