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Small area annual population estimates

Population estimates for small areas in Swansea are published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The latest data (for mid-2016) is available for Electoral Wards and Super Output Areas in Swansea. Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOAs) are statistical reporting units developed by ONS with a minimum population of 1,000 (current average 1,620). Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) are built from groups of adjacent LSOAs and have a minimum population of 5,000 (average 7,800). 

Summary local population estimates for 2016 are available from this page. The PDF Document LSOA (PDF, 38KB)Opens new window , PDF Document MSOA (PDF, 25KB)Opens new window and PDF Document Ward (PDF, 26KB)Opens new window level data for areas in Swansea is shown on the basis of the broad life stage groups: children (0-15), working age (16-64) and older people (65+).  Local area population estimates for other age group combinations and by sex are available on request.

ONS estimates of population change (totals) over the ten year period 2006 to 2016 are also available via this page, again for PDF Document LSOAs (PDF, 40KB)Opens new window, PDF Document MSOAs (PDF, 21KB)Opens new window and PDF Document Wards (PDF, 21KB)Opens new window in Swansea. The small area population estimates are constrained to the ONS published local authority population totals for the given year. 

Further information on the methodology used to produce the latest estimates is available via the ONS website - for SOAs and Wards. In 2011 the United Kingdom Statistics Authority designated the SOA level statistics as 'National Statistics'. However, population estimates for wards are currently designated as 'experimental statistics'.

If you have any further enquiries regarding small area population estimates in Swansea, please contact us.

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