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Play for the children of Swansea

All Welsh local authorities were instructed by the Welsh government to assess whether there are sufficient play opportunities in their area.

The last assessment was undertaken in 2019.

The assessment involved mapping and logging play projects and play spaces, as well as looking at how school, transport, the environment, planning and a range of other services impact on children's opportunities to play in Swansea.  It also involved consultation with those who help plan and deliver play locally, the general public through a media campaign and, most importantly, children and young people themselves.

The main themes that came out were:

  • Play's importance is being recognised by more people across more council areas and beyond.
  • We still need to help people understand the importance of play, and giving ideas on play for families.
  • There is a concern that children are getting out to play less.
  • More access to schools and their grounds for play would help.

From there, action plans have been produced for the next year and looking further ahead.  

To find out more about the Play Sufficiency Assessment contact Stephen Cable Childcare and Play Sufficiency Manager.

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