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Pink bag collection

You can use pink bags for plastics. We will collect them on your pink week.

Pink bag (reusable)

Most areas of Swansea now have reusable pink bags to use for their plastic recycling collection. There are also some areas and households that are still required to use the single-use pink plastic bags.

The plastics from each of these bags are collected by different vehicles and processed separately so it's important not to change from one bag to another unless you are instructed to do so by the council. If you use the incorrect bag your plastic may not be collected.

To ensure your bags are collected for recycling:

  • Use the pink bags that we provide for free
  • Put your bags out for collection between 7.00pm on the evening before your collection and 7.00am on the morning of your collection day
  • Wash and squash all plastic items
  • Only use pink bags for plastic items
  • Use our recycling and rubbish collections search to find out what day we collect your bags

What to put in the bags

Yes please

You can put all the following items together in your pink bag:

  • Clean plastic food trays
  • Loose plastic bottle tops and caps
  • Plastic margarine/ice cream tubs
  • Plastic yoghurt pots 
  • Plastic bottles 
No thank you

Do not put any of the following items in your pink bags:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cling film
  • Crisp packets and chocolate wrappers with metallised plastic (shiny) insides
  • Dirty items 
  • Electrical or electronic items
  • Film lids (such as from microwave meals)
  • Larger items (such as garden furniture)
  • Plastic bags and carrier bags
  • Polystyrene

Soft plastic

Soft plastic items such as carrier bags and film are not accepted in your pink kerbside bag. If they go in any bag from home it must be the black bag. 

Certain 'stretchy' soft plastic items including carrier bags, bread bags, freezer bags and bubble wrap can however be recycled if taken to the banks at large supermarkets or at Llansamlet Recycling Centre if you prefer to take them there

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