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Frequently asked questions about pet shops

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about pet shops.

In total how many pet shops do you license?


What are pet shops licensed to sell?

Pet shops in Swansea are licensed to sell reptiles, birds, fish and small mammals. No pet shops are licensed to sell dogs, cats or primates.

Upon what do you base your pet shop license conditions? 

1998 LGA (local government act) guidelines.

Are all pet shops inspected by the council prior to the granting of a) the initial licence, b) renewal of licence?

a) Yes with a veterinary surgeon and Environmental Health Officer present
b) By an Environmental Health Officer

For what other reasons will you visit a pet shop? 

Unannounced spot checks and complaints.

Do you require pet shops to declare they are selling and/or trading puppies/dogs/kittens - at either initial application, mid-way through an annual licence or on renewal?

Yes and all pet shops are inspected annually on licence renewal - if any shops were selling puppies/dogs/kittens it would be picked up at this stage. There are currently no pet shops in Swansea selling puppies/dogs/kittens.

What policy does the local authority have in relation to the frequency by which pet shops are a) informally visited by council officials, and b) inspected?

Pet shops are formally inspected by council officers on an annual basis for licensing, and at any other time following a complaint.
A veterinary surgeon will attend the initial inspection on licence application and if deemed necessary following a serious complaint.

Do you ask pet shop licence applicants if they have any restrictions/disqualifications from keeping animals/pet shops/or any other relevant restrictions/disqualifications?

Yes upon application.