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Pentrehafod School project

The Swansea Council (SC) submitted a business case to Welsh Government (WG) in February 2015 outlining its plans to carry out a significant programme of refurbishment and remodelling across the Pentrehafod school estate.

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Welsh Government approved the initial proposals in principle with the intention that Swansea Council would submit a final business case developing the scheme in much more detail. The submission of this final business case was submitted and approved in September 2016 which reflected a significant period of design development with the School and Contractor Morgan Sindall. Refurbishment works then commenced in December 2016.

The aim of the project has been to bring the school buildings up to 21st century standards. This has included not only the refurbishment of key elements such as new roof and windows, but also partial rebuild and extension of the existing buildings. This has allowed the school to coordinate the curriculum more effectively in line with forthcoming curriculum changes.

Morgan Sindall were appointed in January 2016 to undertake the detailed design work for the project. This involved regular design workshops being held with the school and Swansea Council Project Team, using as its basis Building Bulletin 98 as the benchmark for determining the correct number and size of spaces within a secondary school.

Key changes would need to take place to bring the school up to 21st Century School standards, some of which are outlined below:

  • The removal of demountables in the central court-yard of the school. Instead, this area will be landscaped to provide a quiet space which could also be used for outdoor teaching.
  • The Pentrehafod Alternative Curriculum Education (PACE) programme which has historically been delivered off campus will return to the school site. The relocation of this within the school grounds in a new purpose built unit enables pupils to more easily access the mainsteam curriculum.
  • New changing facilities to be provided within the new PACE unit which is located at the front of the schol site. This means that this space is also available to the community out of school hours.
  • Sports facilities on the site are further enhanced with the resurfacing of the redgra area. This facility alongside the existing pool and sports hall will continue to serve the local community out of school hours.
  • Major refurbishment and remodelling works to include the upgrade of the building fabric, roofs to be insulated and recovered and windows to be replaced.
  • School buildings will now be linked by a new two storey extension which will contain a dedicated dining area on the ground floor and study deck for pupils and staff on the first floor. This double height space will overlook the new courtyard spaces which will form the heart of the school - Pentrehafod school project - Architect drawings
  • Car parking to be relocated to the front of the school which will further support pupil and staff safety on the school site. This will also become an area which can be used by sports users accessing the site out of school hours. 

The major refurbishment works programme has been planned over two years and has been phased to target four distinct areas across the school campus. Taking this approach has ensured that the school remains onsite throughout the build programme with minimal disruption to the delivery of the curriculum. Morgan Sindall and Swansea Council will work very closely with the schools senior management team in order to maintain pupil and staff movements as safely and as securly as possible whilst also minimising disruption to classes.

Progress update

The Pentrehafod Secondary School major refurbishment project has made significant progress over the last 18 months. The delivery of the first 3 phases of the 4 phased project has provide the school with a wide range of new and improved spaces, not least of which is the linking up of all school buildings, which means pupils now move around the school completely under cover. This was not the case when the project started as pupils had to run from building to building in bad weather. Now the school benefits from wider corridors and classrooms, which are light and airy. Pupils and staff have also commented on how much quieter the school is.

The school now not only has a much improved front atrium and car park area but it is starting to see the full benefit of having an opened up central courtyard. This has been achieved by removing the old and shabby demountables which took up the vast majority of space in this area. Instead, with the removal of these the area has now become an area which pupils and staff can access for outside teaching as well as a quiet contemplation space.

New art rooms, a wide range of general teaching spaces, dedicated ICT rooms, breakout spaces, group rooms, new reception, upgraded hall spaces, and new library as well as a vastly improved teaching kitchen are just a few of the new areas the school are now benefiting from. The final phase of the project started this month, which will provide the school with a state of the art science wing. This will be completed in November 2018 at which point the project will end. Included in this final phase will also be the landscaping of outside spaces and the removal of the Morgan Sindall site from the school grounds.

All the hard work by the project team has been recognised by the sector and the project is delighted to have been shortlisted for no less than 6 Constructing Excellence Awards 2018 which are to be announced on Friday 6 July 2018.

Community use during the construction programme

It is recognised that the swimming pool and sports facilities on the Pentrehafod school site are well used by the community, therefore it is the intention of the project to maintain public access at all times wherever possible. Working closely with the school, Morgan Sindall and CCS will try to minimise the impact on community use as much as possible.

It is the aim of the project to offer further opportunities for community use on the campus once all the works have been completed. This includes plans for an upgrade of the redgra pitch which will be available for community use during evenings and weekends. The new  outdoor changing facilities and adjoining two new classrooms will be available to the community outside the school day.

The relocation of the car park to the front of the school site will allow community access to the already well-used sports hall, outdoor pitches and swimming pool outside the school day and at weekends.

Pentrehafod School Project

Project timeline

A summary of the key milestones for the project.

Project team

The team behind the project.

Community benefits

A summary of some of the key community benefits which the project will aim to support during the course of the 2 year phased building programme.

Pupil engagement

Morgan Sindall have recently engaged with over 40 pupils at Pentrehafod School in the preparation and application for apprenticeship schemes.

Community project

Hafod Community Centre desperately needed a new kitchen, the previous facilities were old, worn and the surface area was restricted.

Architect fly-through and drawings

Architect's impression of the new remodelling and partial rebuild.

Pentrehafod School project FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Pentrehafod School project.

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