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Constituency area profiles

Statistical profiles of the three constituency areas in Swansea.

Parliamentary Constituencies are the areas used to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) to the UK Parliament in London, and Assembly Members (AMs) to the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff. At the last General Election, there were 650 UK constituencies, 40 of which are in Wales. Within the Swansea city and county area are three constituency areas.

Statistical profiles of these areas have been developed, based on our ward profile format. The data included in them are generally the published constituency area (PCA) statistics for an area, alongside a comparator figure for Wales, together with contextual and mapping information. However, in some cases information is included on the basis of the nearest available geography (for example household income estimates at Middle Super Output Area or MSOA level).

Profiles are available for the local constituency areas:  Gower (PDF) [4MB] Swansea East (PDF) [5MB] and  Swansea West (PDF) [5MB] (April 2022).

If you have any queries on these profiles, or require any further statistical information about the constituency areas in Swansea, please contact us.

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