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Pavement café licence

A pavement café licence enables businesses to provide designated seated only areas outside for their customers to eat and drink.

Covid-19 measures

In light of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the process of applying for a pavement café licence has been streamlined, in order to facilitate and encourage businesses to create outdoor seating areas.

If you wish to place tables, chairs, umbrellas or any other items on pavements or in pedestrian areas for the consumption of food and / or beverages, you must apply for a pavement café licence.

We have produced a  guide to help you set up a pavement cafe and apply for a pavement café licence or memorandum (PDF) [553KB].

What you need to know

Whilst some changes have been made to the pavement café application process to make the process quicker and more affordable, all pavement cafés must be safe and accessible, and not impede access for pedestrians, wheelchair users and those with sight impairment.

For further information regarding current Welsh Government regulations and guidelines, please use the following link: Welsh Government (health protection coronavirus restrictions) Wales regulations.

New applicants

We have introduced a new 'Memorandum of Agreement' which will allow all new successful applicants to quickly create an outdoor seating area for use.

You will need to apply for this by using our application form below. There is no charge for this application.

On receipt of your application, the Highways Department will contact you to discuss your outdoor area. Please do not place any items outside until approval has been given.

By law, any new outdoor seating area on the highway must be subject to a 28 day consultation period. You can continue to use your outdoor space during this period, subject to terms and conditions.

The 'Memorandum of Agreement' is subject to any objections received during the consultation period and may be cancelled without notice.

The 'Memorandum of Agreement' will allow you to place tables and chairs on the highway between 7.30am and 11.00pm subject to current Welsh Government Regulations, and will expire on 31 March 2023 . If you wish to continue using your outdoor seating area after this period, you must apply for a pavement café licence and pay the applicable fees.

The 'Memorandum of Agreement' is subject to a number of terms and conditions and you are advised to read these in full as failure to observe these may result in your application being revoked.

Existing pavement café licence holders

If you have an existing pavement café licence, you need to re-apply as we require up to date insurance documents, up to date contact information and plans. You must continue to adapt and make changes to your outdoor area to ensure Covid-19 guidelines are followed whilst maintaining access.

Please note, all current pavement café licences expire on 31 March 2023.


If you have any problems with your application or would like more information, please contact us: Highways.