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Parking restrictions in Swansea

Road markings such as yellow lines, loading bays, bus stops and residents zones, show that a parking restriction applies.

There will be a sign explaining the parking restrictions near the road markings. It is the driver's responsibility to make sure that their vehicles are parked correctly and not causing any obstructions. If you have parked your vehicle correctly then you should not be issued with penalty charge notices.

Parking restrictions signs (PDF) [5MB]

Waiting restrictions

Waiting restrictions apply to the carriageway, pavement and verge.

Double yellow lines on the road mean that you cannot park (or wait in the vehicle) in this area at any time (if the restrictions are seasonal it will be indicated on nearby signs). None of the wheels of your vehicle should be on the double yellow lines. You are allowed to stop temporarily on double yellow lines to unload or to drop passengers (see also loading restrictions). Once you have done so you should move your vehicle at once. 

Note that double yellow lines mean no waiting even if there are no upright signs in the area.

A single yellow line on the road shows a restriction that applies for part of the day and/or on certain days of the week. The timing of the restriction will be shown on a sign close to the roadside or on the entry sign to controlled parking zones*. 

White dotted lines on the road show an area in which parking is permitted in line with the restrictions shown on the nearby signs. This may include the maximum duration of parking (for example 2 hours), the permitted parking times and/or days*, the permitted return interval and/or the required permit. To park correctly all of the wheels of the vehicle should be within the bay markings.

* If no days are shown on the signs, the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and bank holidays. If the days of the restriction are shown to include weekdays then the restriction applies to bank holidays unless the signs show otherwise.

Loading restrictions

Yellow marks on the kerb or at the edge of the carriageway mean loading and unloading is not allowed.

A single yellow bar means loading is not permitted at the times shown on the nearby signs (the terms used on the signs are the same as those explained above for waiting restrictions).

Two yellow bars mean loading is not permitted at any time. 

Loading bays are usually marked on the road and shown on signs. You may not wait in these areas unless you are loading or unloading.

School keep clear markings

You must not stop, park, pick up nor drop off passengers on areas shown by school keep clear markings.

Other restrictions

Parking is governed by rules 238-252 of the Highway Code. The rules contained in the Highway Code have the force of law and apply to the drivers and passengers of all vehicles and to cyclists and pedestrians. It is the responsibility of all drivers to be and stay familiar with the Highway Code.

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