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Cases which have been passed on to bailiffs (enforcement agents)

There are still options available to you even if your parking charge case has been passed on to a bailiff.

If your case has been passed on to bailiffs it is now too late to appeal the circumstances of the ticket.

You can:

  • pay the enforcement agent (bailiff) the full amount.
  • ask for a payment plan with the bailiff (if you default on a payment plan extra costs may be owed).
  • contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) on 0300 1231059 and ask to give an out of time witness statement - you can only give this statement if procedures have not been followed correctly.  

Contacting the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC)

If you want to take option 3 and contact the TEC, a TE7/ TE9 form will be sent to you. Only when you return this form to the TEC and tell the council can the case be put on hold with the enforcement agent until the matter has been dealt with.

On the TE7/ TE9 form, you must tick one of four options to show that procedures have not been followed correctly. If you are submitting a TE7/ TE9 form to TEC, please supply as much information and evidence as possible regarding your circumstances, to allow them to consider your reasons.

Possible outcomes

There are two outcomes when submitting a TE7/ TE9 form. The TEC will either hand the case back to the bailiff to continue to recover the outstanding money owed for the parking ticket, or the case will be returned to the council to deal with you directly.

If you are not happy with the result from the TEC

If you are not happy with the result of your TE7/ TE9 decided by TEC, you have 14 days from the date on their letter to you, to ask for a review of your case by a district judge.  A charge will apply if you want your case reviewed.

If you take no action, additional costs will be incurred and your vehicle maybe clamped and towed to a pound, or goods will be recovered from your property to cover the value of the debt outstanding.

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