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Meet Jan and Simon - parent and child foster carers

Jan, aged 53, and her husband Simon from Swansea, have five children of their own but over the last 16 years have provided a foster home to around 40 mainly teenage children in need of a safe, loving place to stay.

Contact usNow, with lots of help and support from their own youngest daughter aged 9, they help mums and dads, and their children stay together by giving them a safe and supportive home.

The Parent and Child fostering scheme aims to provide vital support to enable families to thrive and stay together wherever possible. Jan tells us more;

"This scheme is a great opportunity to make a difference to a child right at the start of their life which has a massive impact on their future. For the parents, sometimes they need that extra encouragement and support.

It's physically and emotionally draining to have a new baby for any mum without having other difficulties already in your life thrown in. We're there for the parents and the child to support them both to bond and be the best mum/dad they can be and baby gets a loving start to life.

What's great about fostering is you get to bring someone into your family and give them the security, love and support they need. The longer they are with us the more they learn it's safe here, we're here to help, they can trust us and we see them as family.

We get to share with them how special and fun being part of a close family like ours really is. We eat together, talk together, surf and beach walk together and our foster children have shared holidays abroad too.

My children have grown up fostering and ridden the roller coaster that fostering brings to your lives with us all the way. We always think of them first when deciding to accept or continue a placement.

Every new arrival brings with them their own challenges but more often than not they leave us with memories to treasure. The experience has positively influenced my children for the better. They are incredibly caring and have developed empathy for others who have had a tough life.

It can also be really hard at times - when children leave our home it can be difficult, especially if you have your own children at home who often see the children who stay as siblings. I can recall a particular time that was heart breaking, it was like our daughter was grieving. We almost gave up there and then but our daughter kept us going. She is as much on board with fostering as we are and now we are fostering parents with babies she loves getting to be the big sister". 

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