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Trading in the outer zone

The outer zone is all public and private land outside the city centre.

For full details on trading in the outer zone you need to contact Trading Standards on 01792 635600 or email, providing an email address for details to be sent to you.

How to apply for the outer zone

Apply for outer zone street trading consent Apply for outer zone street trading consent

To trade in the outer zone, you need to decide if you wish to work as a mobile trader or from a pitch.

To work as a mobile trader you will be required to provide details of where you will be trading. This should either be a location eg. Townhill, Brynhyfryd or if you wish to trade in a number of locations in the outer zone you should provide a plan of the trading area.

To trade from a pitch, on public or private land, you will firstly be required to get written permission from the land owner. This is not necessarily the trader who is already trading there. You will need to check with the business if they are leasing the land, if so who the lease holder is and obtain the written permission from them and submit this with your application.

You can apply online using our city centre street trading application form. You must pay your first month's fee with the application and upload any supporting documents.

Planning permission

If you plan to trade from a pitch in the outer zone you will need to obtain planning permission before you apply for street trading consent. Please contact the Planning Control team to find out more about making a planning application.

Consultation process

Before we grant consent for street trading we consult with local agencies. This process takes up to 28 days. If there are no objections then consent will be granted to the applicant. This will include the start and end date for the trading consent, usually between 3 months to a maximum of 1 year, and details of how to terminate your street trading consent.

If there are any objections then the application will be referred to the council's Licensing Committee who will review the application. Their decision is final and there is no appeal.


Outer zone street trading licence fees Outer zone street trading licence fees

You must submit your first month's fee with any application or full payment for the term applied for. 

If you choose to pay just the first month's fee, a Direct Debit form must be completed and be submitted with your application form. The remainder of the fees will then be invoiced to be paid on or around the first of each month and paid by Direct Debit.

Tacit consent

It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact Trading Standards.

Guidance for completing an application for outer zone street trading consent

The following guidance has been prepared to assist applicants to complete the application for street trading consent in the outer zone.