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Premises Outdoor Adaptation Grant

To assist restaurants, bars and cafés to re-open safely and serve food outside, we are offering small grants for outdoor furniture.

The following items will be considered:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • umbrellas/parasols
  • awnings
  • canopies
  • igloo bubbles
  • outdoor heating
  • barriers / planters
  • litter bins
  • servery facilities


What areas are covered?

To qualify for the grant your business must be located within the city centre or one of the district centres. Businesses adjacent to the city centre or district centre boundaries will be considered at the discretion of the council.

You can check if your business is located within one of the boundaries by clicking on the links below to view the online maps:


Who can apply?

Grants are available for independent and small to medium-sized enterprises that hold a pavement café licence. If you do not have a licence you can apply online at

In addition, your business must:

  • hold public liability insurance that covers outdoor trading
  • not be a chain or multinational business group

The grant request must be for items to provide additional seating covers required to comply with the Welsh Government social distancing rules. Replacement of existing items will not be considered.

Retrospective grant applications will be considered providing the items/works were implemented after 26 June and comply with the suitability requirements.


How much will I get?

If your application is successful the maximum grant available is 80% of up to a total cost of £10,000. You will be required to fund the remaining 20%.


How can I apply?

The first stage of the grant application process is to register an expression of interest, which will be assessed to determine if your proposal is suitable for grant funding.

If the expression of interest application is successful you will be contacted within five working days to start the full grant application process.

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Guidance on suitable items that the grant can be used for

The use of tables and chairs outside cafe, pub and restaurant premises can bring life and vitality into the areas streets. They should enrich the pedestrian experience, presenting an open inviting image and be easily accessible from the public way.

In order that they do not cause problems for pedestrians and/or service and emergency vehicles, permission is needed from the council, in the form of a pavement café licence, which may have conditions attached.

The condition requiring the cordoning off of the seating area is particularly important for the guidance of blind and partially sighted people, and is also helpful to elderly people and to parents with young children.

The style, layout and orientation of furniture should be chosen according to the extent and shape of the available space so as not to tempt patrons to move furniture beyond the boundaries of the licensed area.


In all instances enclosures/barriers should be portable. They should be stable and sturdy, not contain any protruding parts, be smooth and have a tapping rail.

Public safety and comfort must be considered. Particular care should be taken with any sharp edges, and hinges or other moving parts to ensure that they do not present a potential hazard to their users.

The enclosure/barrier should be between 0.8 metres and 1 metre high.

Street furniture

Outdoor furniture should make a positive contribution to the street environment. A furniture style that is practical and elegant, and integrates well with the surrounding area. 

The furniture should be strong, durable, waterproof and weather resistant. It should be designed for commercial outdoor use, to ensure that it cannot be blown or thrown. The design should not contain parts that are likely to cause damage to the pavement.

Tables, chairs and umbrellas may be powder coated, brushed or stainless steel, natural or painted timber, or canvas. Materials and colours should not be too bright, garish or overly reflective. White should be avoided due to its rapid deterioration in the urban environment.

Litter bins must be provided for each enclosure and planters will be considered on an individual basis to ensure they meet suitable criteria.

Umbrellas / parasols

Umbrella colour and material must be specified and should have mechanisms to ensure that they are at all times securely fixed to withstand wind and they should be removed or closed in extremely windy conditions. The underside of umbrellas should be at least 2 metres above the ground level.

They shall be positioned so that they do not overhang beyond the enclosure.

Only the company name or logo may be permitted on umbrellas the lettering should not be too dominant.

Electrical power /patio heaters 

The use of generators will not be permitted, and power cables will not be allowed to cross the public highway. 

Where patio heaters are authorised the licence holder must ensure they do not present a danger or fire risk to the public, all electrical wiring and components must comply with current Health and Safety and Institute of Electrical Engineers regulations.


Furniture and other items must ideally be stackable or folding and not be stored on the public highway when not in use eg during inclement weather, or outside business hours. All furniture, umbrellas and enclosures etc shall be removed at night and stored inside the business premises or within an alternative safe environment as agreed by the council.


Examples of good practice

  • Wooden folding chairs and tables
  • Matched furniture / metal and wicker / stackable
  • Commercial parasol with quartz infrared halogen heaters
  • Decking and seating

Suitable seating (wood, metal, stackable)  Suitable seating (wooden folding)

Suitable parasol  Suitable barriers (city centre)

Suitable planter (bamboo)  Suitable barrier (fence/greenery)

Examples of bad practice (unacceptable)

  • Plastic 'branded' chairs and tables
  • Bright mis-matched colours
  • Non-stackable furniture
  • Lightweight parasols
  • Rope barriers

Unsuitable seating (plastic)  Unsuitable seating (plastic stools)

Unsuitable parasol  Unsuitable barriers (city centre)


Apply for a Premises Outdoor Adaptation Grant

The first stage of the grant application process is to register an expression of interest in the grant.

Premises Outdoor Adaptation Grant FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Premises Outdoor Adaptation Grant.

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