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Swansea and Gower are fantastic areas in which to practice orienteering.

Orienteering is a great sport that is suitable for all ages. It is a good way to keep fit as it involves navigating through varied terrain to control points as fast as possible. It is also a great way of seeing parts of the countryside that many people don't get to see. 

There are permanent courses laid out in parks and wooded areas including Morriston Park and Leadfield, Parc Llewelyn, Kilvey Community Woodland, Bishop's Wood, Mumbles Hill and Dunvant Brickworks. These offer beginners a great opportunity to learn how to read maps, use compasses and have fun orienteering.

Swansea Bay Orienteering Club uses the permanent courses to hold introduction evenings as well as taking part in competitions. Contact the club to obtain the letters corresponding to the numbers of the controls at each site.

Bishops Wood orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Brynmill Park and Cwmdonkin Park orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Castle Wood orienteering map (PDF) [825KB]
Clyne Valley orienteering map (PDF) [973KB]
Coedbach Park orienteering map (PDF) [598KB]
Dunvant Brickworks orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Heol Las Park and Coed Gwilym Park orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Kilvey Community Woodland orienteering map (PDF) [2MB]
Morriston Park orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Mumbles Hill orienteering map (PDF) [670KB]
Parc Llewellyn orienteering map (PDF) [1MB]
Singleton Park orienteering map (PDF) [611KB]

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