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Organising an event in Swansea

Whether you are organising an event to take place on council or privately owned land you must make sure you have permission to do so and to follow the advice on these pages.

Events on council land

If your event takes place on Swansea Council land, you will need to seek permission. This is regardless of the size of the event. Permission must be received prior to the event being advertised.

This includes any events held:

  • Within council parks or parkland.
  • On the Recreation ground.
  • On Swansea promenade.
  • On a council beach.
  • At Museum Park.
  • Dylan Thomas Square
  • Castle Square
  • On any part of the highway (roads and footpaths).

Events may for example include:

  • Music events
  • Fetes
  • Food festivals
  • Road races
  • Beer festivals
  • Trade space
  • Litter picks
  • Charity walks
  • Fun runs
  • Carnivals
  • Community events
  • Wedding photos

To help you choose the date for your event and to avoid clashing with activity already booked we maintain a calendar of existing and pre-planned events. The calendar is maintained by the Special Events team and whilst every effort is made to keep this information as accurate as possible, it is produced as a guide only. It is the responsibility of others to check the accuracy of dates when planning events. This calendar is available online.

Apply to hold an event on council land or use an open space in Swansea Apply to hold an event on council land or use an open space in Swansea


Other events (not on council land)

For all other events taking place within the boundaries of the City and County of Swansea (but not on council land), you should inform the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

The SAG ensures that the event can take place safely with the knowledge of all the relevant agencies in the county. This includes various teams within Swansea Council, the emergency services and other key stakeholders.

For many types of event involving large numbers, there is a great deal of organising to do and the SAG asks for six months' notice of events likely to attract more than 500 people.  Three months' notice is required for events with attendance of less than 500 people. 

By sharing what is happening with your event, the stakeholders can ensure that there are sufficient resources available should there be an incident for which they may be required.

Notify us of your planned event Notify us of your planned event on private land in Swansea

Some types of event may require you to attend one of the SAG meetings to discuss your proposals in greater detail.  Other smaller events are unlikely to require your attendance.

The SAG process is not designed to give permission to your activity but is designed to support the safe delivery of your event.


For all events with alcohol, music and dancing

If your event requires alcohol, music and dancing or outdoor entertainment, you may need a Premises licences or Temporary event notices. Information on the licences and how to apply are available on our website. If you need further details you can contact the Licensing team who will be able to advise you on the type of application you need to make.

Apply to hold an event on council land or use an open space in Swansea

You should complete this form if you wish to hold an event on council owned land in Swansea, or if you wish to use council owned land or open space in Swansea for your group activity / class.

Notify us of your planned event on private land in Swansea

You should complete this form in order to notify the Safety Advisory Group of your intention to hold an event involving large numbers on private land in Swansea
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