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One Swansea

One Swansea: Swansea's New Single Integrated Plan

The One Swansea Plan is the Single Integrated Plan for Swansea.

The first Plan was produced in 2013 by Swansea Local Service Board in line with the Welsh Government's guidance  PDF Document Shared Purpose - Shared Delivery. (PDF, 335KB)Opens new window

The Single Integrated Plan replaces the community strategy and the plans for community safety; health, social care and wellbeing; and children and young people. The overall purpose of the Plan is to make the delivery of services simpler and to ensure that everyone is working towards the same agreed priorities. 

The Plan is reviewed and updated annually by Swansea Local Service Board to ensure that we are working on the right challenges for Swansea.  The revised Plan for 2015 was endorsed by Swansea Local Service Board at its meeting on 15 September 2015.


The PDF Document One Swansea Plan 2015 (PDF, 370KB)Opens new window is available to download together with 4 other documents which are the result of important pieces of work undertaken in producing the plan:

1.  PDF Document One Swansea Strategic Needs Assessment 2015 (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window

2.  PDF Document One Swansea Delivery Statement 2015 (PDF, 131KB)Opens new window

3.  PDF Document Local Service Board Engagement Report 2015 (PDF, 871KB)Opens new window

4.   PDF Document Integrated Impact Assessment (PDF, 161KB)Opens new window

The One Swansea Strategic Needs Assessment 2015

The Needs Assessment provides the evidence base for Swansea's Single Integrated Plan - the One Swansea Plan.

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