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Nursery places in Swansea

In Swansea Brynhyfryd Infant School and all primary schools provide part-time nursery education for parents who would like their child to attend a nursery class.

The policy of the Local Authority is to provide part-time nursery education only.  Nursery provision is non-statutory which means that parents can decide whether or not they want to take up a nursery place for their child.  Each child is entitled to a free part time (minimum 10 hours per week) place at a nursery class for the term following their third birthday.

Pre Nursery

Pre nursery, sometimes referred to as Rising 3s is part time provision.  A pre nursery place will be available for your child from the term following their third birthday although it may not be in the school nearest to your home address.  Parents should contact their preferred school directly to ask if there are nursery places available.  If there is  not a place immediately available, you may have to put your child's name on a waiting list.  You can contact alternative schools to see if they have space available or ring the Civic Centre for advice.


Part time nursery places are available for pupils to take up in the academic year in which they have their fourth birthday.  The Local Authority is planning to change the way in which parents will apply for a place in a nursery class for their child.  Arrangements have not yet been finalised so parents are advised to contact the headteacher at the school of choice to apply for a place in the usual manner.  The headteacher will be able to inform parents if they system has changed and also advise about any alternative arrangements that may be put in place.  It may not always be possible for children to be admitted to a nursery class within the catchment area for their home address.  If this is the case, an alternative place will be made available.

There is no right of appeal against the refusal to offer a pre nursery place in a specific school.

It is also important to note that children attending the nursery class of a school will not have an automatic right of admission to full time education in reception at the same school.  Parents will need to apply for a place along with other applicants.

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