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Publication of candidates standing for election

Nomination papers for candidates should be delivered to the Returning Officer, Phil Roberts, at The Guildhall, Swansea, SA1 4PE, between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm during the period 21 March 2021 and ending at 4.00pm on 5 April 2022

Nominations delivered by hand will be by appointment only - please contact Electoral Services on 01792 636123 or email

All the nomination papers you require are below.

Electronic Delivery Statement

Nomination papers submitted electronically must be delivered in accordance with arrangements set out in this statement.

Using our online system

  • You can access our online submissions by visiting
  • Informal checks will NOT be available via this system
  • You will need to upload your nomination forms

By email to

  • If you are submitting a nomination for informal check, please use 'INFORMAL CHECK' in the subject heading.
  • When submitting your nomination for consideration, please use 'NOMINATION SUBMISSION' in the subject heading.
  • Your nomination paper must be submitted as an attachment, PDF or Word Document would be preferred.
  • You will receive an automated reply when your nomination has been delivered.
  • Please note e-mail size must be below 7MB otherwise it may not be received.

Please note:

  1. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that the Returning Officer receives nomination forms in the correct way by the required deadlines.
  2. An electronic read receipt from the Returning Officer is not confirmation that the nomination is valid. A reference number from an online submission is not confirmation that the nomination is valid. The Returning Officer will send a notice to inform candidates of their decision as to whether or not their nomination is valid.

Should you require any assistance with the electronic delivery of nominations please contact Electoral Services on 01792 636123 or email

Community/Town Council: Nomination Papers

Local Election: Nomination Papers

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