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Noise problems

Loud noises can cause upset and distress to people in their homes. If you are having problems with too much noise then there are things that you can do to help solve the problem.

How can you deal with noise problems?

The first thing you should do is speak to the person or business who is causing the noise problem.  They may not realise there is a problem and will often help.

If this has not helped the problem then you can report the noise problem to us.

Report a pollution problem Report a pollution problem

What can the council do about noise problems?

Once you have registered a complaint you will be put on our out of hours register.  You should then contact us each time a noise problem occurs and we will investigate where possible.  If the noise is witnessed by the investigating officer they will decide if it is a statutory nuisance.  The noise may need to be witnessed a number of times.  

If it is decided that the noise is a nuisance then an abatement notice will be served on the person responsible for the noise.  If they fail to keep to this notice then they will be prosecuted.  You may be asked to appear in court as a witness.

Noises that we cannot deal with include children or youths causing annoyance, shouting and banging of doors, noise from traffic, military aircraft or civil aircraft.

How can you prevent too much noise from your home?

  • don't put speakers on the walls
  • make sure you can hear the doorbell over the music or TV
  • keep volume levels low late at night
  • tell your neighbours if you are having a party
  • do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time
  • if your dog is barking - see why and quieten it
  • do not use your washing machine or tumble dryer late at night
  • if you are returning from a night out keep noise levels down - close car doors gently and speak quietly
  • above all be reasonable if your neighbour approaches you with a problem

If you make too much noise and are prosecuted then the council has the power to remove all equipment that may contribute to the nuisance. This includes televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereos, radios, games consoles and computers. If found guilty of the nuisance then the council can apply to keep these items. You will also have a criminal record.

Remember sounds are too loud if

  • you can't talk to someone two metres away without shouting. Take a break and go to a quieter area
  • you can't hear properly or have ringing in your ears after exposure to high levels of noise.


If you have an intruder alarm, it can be set off accidentally. If this happens when you are out, you risk annoying your neighbours and paying the price if it has to be silenced by noise control officers.