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Net Zero 2030

How we're taking action on climate change across the council.

Our journey so far:

  • A pension fund reduction in fossil fuel investments by 58% with commitment to Net Zero by 2037
  • Electric vehicle charge points installed in 12 council car parks serving 32 recharging bays, with 40 chargepoints in a further 12 carparks and 3 community hubs being installed during 2022
  • All our electricity is from 100% renewable energy sources
  • 1068 kw of community solar energy panels benefit our schools and communities
  • New council houses are super-energy-efficient built to a "Swansea Standard" with solar battery storage and air source heat pumps
  • Our cycle network has grown 25% over 3 years
  • Our fleet runs 46 electric cars and vans and 1 hybrid car, with 50 more by summer 2022, including 1 electric refuse vehicle and 2 electric road sweepers
  • Eco-Schools early joiners with 42% of schools with Platinum and 23% with Green Flag awards
  • 64% recycling target achieved by Swansea 20/21
  • 22,013 streetlights upgraded to low emission LEDs
  • Blue Eden Lagoon championed


Effective energy and carbon management is essential to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

Green infrastructure strategy

This strategy considers how green infrastructure can be increased in Swansea.


The council has developed a 'Swansea Standard' to guide the building of new council homes in line with energy efficiency and carbon reduction best practice.


We rely on a healthy ecosystem of animals, plants and microorganisms, so biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth, including humans.

Sustainable transport

A great deal of positive work has been carried out in this area which the council is looking to bring together into a single sustainable travel and transport strategy.


Swansea Council's award-winning pension fund has already taken major steps to reduce its carbon footprint, by cutting the amount invested in oil companies and other organisations with a high carbon intensity.


In Wales we have a new curriculum - Successful Futures, that has four key purposes that form the framework that underpins all teaching and learning in Wales.

Net Zero 2030 policies

Policies and strategies taking action on climate change.

Climate Change and Nature Strategy 2022-2030

Swansea Council's commitment to addressing climate change is broken down into clearly defined work streams alongside its commitment to nature recovery.

Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP) 2010-2025 was adopted on the 28th February 2019. Under the provisions of the Planning (Wales) Act, the Swansea LDP forms the statutory development plan for the Council. Together with the national plan, It will be used as the primary material consideration to inform decisions on planning applications and development proposals.

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Last modified on 16 February 2024