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National Participation Standards

The national principles for public engagement.

What are the National Participation Standards?

National Participation Standards
 This meansWe will
InformationYou have the right to information that is easy to understand and allows you to make an informed decision.

Provide information that is good quality, clear and accessible.

Inform you about who's going to listen and let you know what difference your involvement could make.

It's your choiceYou have the right to choose to be involved and work on things that are important to you.Give you enough support and time to choose if you want to get involved.
No discriminationChildren and young people are all different and have the right to be treated fairly.

Challenge discrimination.

Provide a range of opportunities and support to meet the needs of children and young people.

RespectYou have the right to have a say. Your opinions are important and will be respected.

Listen to your views, experiences and ideas and take you seriously.

Work with you on things you say are important.

Value what you have to offer.

You get something out of it

You have the right to learn and be the best you can be.

You will have opportunities to work with others and make a difference.

We want you to be involved in positive experiences.

Work with you in safe, fun and enjoyable ways.

Make the most of what you know and do things that build your confidence and skills.

FeedbackYou have the right to know what differences you have made and how your ideas have been listened to.

Always ensure you have feedback in an agreed time.

Tell you how your ideas have been used and why.

Tell you what happens next.

Working better for youThose who make decisions that affect children and young people should put children's rights at the centre of everything they do.

Work with you and learn how we can do things better.

Ensure your views make a difference to the way we make plans and decisions.

How do the National Participation Standards link to the National Principles for public engagement?

The National Principles for public engagement are principles and not standards. They are an overarching set of principles aimed at Public Service organisations across all sectors in Wales. They aim to sit above any specific standards that you may already be using, for example, Standards for Children and Young People, Social Service Improvement Agency standards and are intended to compliment them. They aim to offer a consistent approach and good standard for public engagement across Wales.


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