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Record searches of municipal cemeteries and crematorium

We are able to take requests to search our municipal cemetery and cremation records for details of burials that have taken place.

Our burials and cremation records are used continuously by our staff to make daily bookings for funerals and to deal with various operational matters. When possible we will carry out burial and cremation search requests. The information must be as accurate as possible as searches can be very time consuming and we cannot guarantee when the information will be available.

How to search our records

If you would like information on a specific burial or cremation please complete the Request an individual grave / cremation search form.  We cannot accept a decade as a date of death; you must provide a specific year of death and we will conduct a search 1 year before and after that date. If you do not know the exact date of death you will need to check with the General Register Office before applying to us.

Request an individual grave / cremation search Request an individual grave / cremation search


Individual grave / cremation search (standard service) = £12.00 per search

A search will be conducted at the earliest opportunity and all information retrieved will be given by email.


If you are trying to locate a grave you can download A4 size cemetery maps or ask for a copy from our administration office. You can also contact our cemetery / crematorium staff, so that suitable appointments can be made for locating graves / gardens on site.

Unfortunately members of the public are not able to carry out their own research at our burials and cremation office. Members of the public are able to access the Archives in the Civic Centre.

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