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Mumbles Hill Local Nature Reserve

The 23 hectares of Mumbles Hill was declared a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in 1991 to protect the site for both wildlife and people.

Habitats present on the hill include maritime heath, limestone grassland, limestone scrub and woodland, each supporting different plants and animals. Over 200 species of plants and fungi, 40 species of birds and hundreds of species of butterflies, bees and bugs have been recorded on the hill. Small mammals such as voles, foxes and shrews also can be seen. Resident birds include green woodpecker, skylark and jay whilst migratory birds include house martins, swallows and garden warblers.

Mumbles Hill LNR is common land, grazed until 1950s when the reserve was separated from more extensive grazing areas. The lack of grazing has allowed invasive species such as bracken, gorse, holm oak and cotoneaster to encroach, threatening to choke the rare limestone grasslands.

We manage the reserve with help from volunteers and local interest groups such as Mumbles Development Trust, Swansea Institute of Higher Education and the Red Café.

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